Omniverse Museum is the newest and largest indoor attraction, showcasing an extensive collection of authentic pop culture memorabilia from your favorite comic books, movies, novels, and TV series.

Not only will you feast your eyes on life-sized displays and a futuristic atmosphere, but you’ll also be able to engage in learning and discovery in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, humanities, and more as you explore a 3,500 square meters exhibit on life beyond Earth.

Omniverse Museum is the biggest science pop culture museum in the Philippines and the first of its kind!




Monday 10:00NN-9:00PM

Tuesday 10:00NN-9:00PM

Wednesday 10:00NN-9:00PM

Thursday 10:00NN-9:00PM

Friday 10:00NN-9:00PM

Saturday 10:00NN-10:00PM

Sunday 10:00NN-10:00PM


*Last call to enter is at 2 hours before the closing time

Get a chance to see the personal collection of Mr. Ryan Sison for only P1,499 at Omniverse Museum! 

🪐Day pass access (one-time entry only)

🪐An immersive experience for the hero in you — with larger than life sets, soundscapes, and interactions straight from iconic movie scenes

🪐Get private access to THOUSANDS of original movie artifacts, props, and collectibles acquired from Hollywood studios & all over the world

🪐Be the few people to see rare, one of one piece that has never been put on public display

🪐See original autographs from the actual actors and stars who played your favorite blockbuster heroes

🪐Access to 20* iconic worlds of each the collection

🪐Over 50+ educational activities and info display of the real science behind every science fiction

*There are two portals that may have restrictions for children or may be accessible for children with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

*To protect all these precious collectibles, we do not  allow bringing of bulky bags, food and drinks, and other heavy equipment such as strollers, luggage, and such. Getting a locker inside is required.

**Guests are required to follow the house of rules of Omniverse Museum.**

What to expect?

Hobbyists, superhero fans, manga and anime enthusiasts, this is your opportunity to witness a massive collection of authentic, life-sized pop culture memorabilia from your favorite comic book and movie characters, displayed in breathtaking detail all under one roof.

Each portal will transport you to over 20 iconic worlds, and its futuristic theme will immerse you in a new level of excitement and an otherworldly experience.

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Relive the moments when your favorite scientists invented useful tools, discovered effective medicines, created scientific formulas, and more through over 50 educational facts and interactive activities at Omniverse Museum!

These activities not only promote hands-on learning but also help to develop problem-solving skills, refine motor skills, and foster creativity and imagination.


Are you planning a superhero-themed party? Omniverse Museum has spaces that can be transformed for any type of event, whether it’s simple or grand!


+63915 009 1034

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