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CHANGE MAKER 2040 is the very first Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Museum in the Philippines conceptualized, designed, and created by the biggest indoor attraction company in the country, the Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corp. (PAEC). The EDU-TAINMENT venue is a 3,600 square meters interactive attraction located in 88 SQUARE Mall in Parañaque City.

This unique museum is the very first of its kind in the country with the hopes of letting the Filipinos know their importance in achieving the 17 goals laid out as SDGs.


The museum educates visitors about global challenges through interactive mediums:

Infographics summarize pressing global and local issues demanding immediate attention for sustainability.

Dioramas offer insights into real-life scenarios and everyday challenges.

Large art installations emphasize the importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly for younger audiences.

A multipurpose space hosts SDG-focused seminars and activities by various organizations.

A commitment area encourages visitors to pledge their commitment to supporting the SDGs globally and nationally, aiming to inspire them as change agents for urgent environmental, political, and economic challenges.

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The museum showcases how science and technology are applied to address global crises, emphasizing their role in finding solutions for challenges our planet faces.

Interactive exhibits highlight how Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists in tackling issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), underscoring the importance of human intelligence in achieving positive outcomes.

Engaging Augmented Reality (AR) experiences simplify the understanding of the SDGs, providing an immersive and enjoyable learning experience for museum visitors.

Throughout the museum, ongoing displays educate visitors on the impact of human actions on the planet’s well-being. Video presentations cover additional topics such as biotechnology.

Various museum rooms offer interactive experiences aligned with understanding the SDGs, encouraging guests to recognize their part in contributing to these global goals.

SCHOOL TOURS & Group Tours

Change Maker 2040 initiative, dedicated to transforming the world for a more promising future, stands as an exemplary educational platform. It serves as an ideal opportunity for students, individuals, or groups to expand their understanding of the current global challenges and explore viable solutions for a better world.

To learn more about our venue and request a formal quotation, please reach out to us at One of our experienced sales representatives will be in touch with you!

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